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The patent pending PDA-Personal Defense Accessory holster addresses the inherent disadvantages of other concealed carry strategies.

Anything that reveals the shape or any part of the weapon must be covered from view, usually with a coat or shirttail. Cases or bags provide access with a zipper or other closure, causing the user to have to “make ready” by getting the case open. The trigger may be exposed inside the bag increasing the possibility of an accidental discharge when making the draw. Other carry choices must be worn inside or underneath clothing that has to be removed or disengaged to get into action.
Any of these concealed carry methods can be uncomfortable, slow, or unsafe. Some are all three. The PDA is quick, safe, and comfortable. Our users tell us the time to first shot is as fast as from a thumb break holster, typically under 1.5 seconds. Tuck your shirttail in, take your jacket off or wear shorts when it’s hot. Carry heat and still be cool. PDA-Personal Defense Accessory.

Check out the Instructions Page to see how it all comes together.

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Our most popular accessory lets you carry without a belt for super fast on and off. Now available as an option with every holster without placing a separate accessories order. The PAD-2 fits our PDA-6 Little Buddy and the PAD-1 fits all other models.

Lasers that mount below the barrel and do not extend beyond the muzzle can easily be used with the PDA. Insert Kits offer other options.

Surveys conducted with Law Enforcement Officers indicate that the integral pen holder is a real asset in further disguising the PDA.

The separated belt straps provide secure positioning at a belt loop, and the load is distributed over a larger belt area. The belt straps allow a slight forward cant to the holster that eases the draw.

Adding one of our three styles of quick-release buckle closures is recommended for more robust activities.

Check out this video taken at the Fort Myers Gun Show in Florida.
American Handgunner
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American Handgunner Magazine.
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* SymLeather  is a term used for partially synthetic leather. Our product is a material made of polyurethane used in conjunction with recycled leather bonded to a fabric backing. It looks, feels, and even smells like top grain leather. 

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