“…. We bought the left & right PDA-3 for our colt revolvers. We fitted the guns in; works beautifully. Will probably want to get holsters for the Kimber (pistol we have) and the Kel-Tec PMR-30 the next time .... Thanks again” (Kevin & Denise have since purchased two more PDA Holsters)

Kevin & Denise

"I just received my  (PDA-5 ) Mighty Mite holster. It’s a perfect fit for my Boberg XR9-S, 9mm pistol. The fit and finish on your product is outstanding ….The PDA will be my summer carry option when I don’t wear a cover garment.”

Steven R.

"….I have mastered the wearing of the PDA-4 holster and it works very well.  No one seems to know it has a gun inside. ….I really am happy I bought this holster.”

William B.

“…. I have really been enjoying this holster. It is the best idea I have seen for conceal carry. “ -Sir S.

"I just wanted to let you know that after almost 26 years being a cop this is the product that finally meets my needs. I have years trying to engineer a comparable device to carry here in Florida. I tried a similar holster …. but I much prefer your product. I can wear it all day in comfort while having a capable small handgun  …. a Kahr CM9 totally "concealed" and positioned in the same location as my duty holster. Awesome job on design and quality."

Thanks again!"    -- Jay S.

Customer Testimonials

The comments below are taken from the correspondence we receive from our customers after purchasing our products. They are real comments from real people who take carrying a concealed weapon, "for real."

"Okay let's face it, carrying concealed for women is just different than it is for men.  ….I love the magnetic snap closures on these holsters.  They close securely but open with literally a simple flip of the wrist.  I was able to wear the holsters all day during my normal daily routine and it never once came open unless I opened it.  ….Bottom line I love these holsters and will be purchasing them for some of my other guns too. ….Why do I love these holsters so much? It only took a couple of times to get a very fast draw ….You simply flip the flap open and draw. The sizing kit puts your gun in the perfect position to be quickly drawn with no interference.”